Someone who doesn’t know a lot about International Development, hoping to learn a lot more… This is an unrelated collection of personal commentaries on the non-profit world.  I hope as my own experience and knowledge progresses, so will this blog but in the mean time professionals in the development world may find these entries a little unoriginal (as the title suggests!).  While some of my writings are drawn from my own fairly limited experiences,  I am no expert and have tried to back up any assertions with links to other people who know a lot more than me.  Any feedback, suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

NB. Most photos used are my own.  Photos that are not my own will be credited.

About me:

Involved in a complicated love-hate relationship with international development, left-wing politics, and feminism.  Despite current trends, I still believe that the international community can and must play a positive role in the story of people’s global self-empowerment.

Have previously worked with Romani children in France, youth in Rwanda, and under-served communities in the Philippines.  Currently studying a Masters in Gender and Development in the UK.


***All comments, opinions and views expressed in this site are of the author only. This blog is not affiliated with any organisation (including ASYV) and ASYV has not reviewed or confirmed any of the data herein***


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